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ML & DL Researcher | Mentor | Teaching Assistant

An avid AI, ML and DL lover. Intensively interned, mentored and built lots of projects in this field. Passionate about new technologies, algorithms and problem solving. Loves to have discussions on creative solutions to new problems using Artificial Intelligence.

  • Birthday: 16 February 2000
  • Graduating Year: 2022
  • Lead Position: Country Manager,Script Foundation
  • State: Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Age: 20
  • Degree: B.Tech CSE
  • CGPA: 9.78 [University Rank-1]
  • Freelance Projects: Available

I am currently pursuing BTech in Computer Science and Engineering at Bennett University, Greater Noida.
-🔁"Strong intuitions come with strong applied knowledge."
-🗓️Disciplined, Time bound, works out everything will full dedication and focus.
-📜Deep Learning and Machine Learning Enthusiast.
-♾️In love with Mathematics and Algorithms.
-💯Constant, consistent learner for life.


Students Mentored


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C++ 80%
Python 90%
Java 75%
Machine Learning 85%
Deep Learning 80%
Image and Video Processing 60%
Cloud Computing60%

My Journey !

"Strong intuitions come with strong applied knowledge." This is my life motto.

I am a disciplined and time bound person. I love to work out everything will full dedication and focus. I simply love to keep myself occupied and always plan out my work schedule one day prior. I am a Deep Learning and Machine Learning Enthusiast and have been fascinated with its core concepts, practical applications and the immense scope of solving complex real world problems easily.

For me, understanding things to the core is a must and this is what drives me to unveil the underlying intricacies. I have been a consistent Overall University Topper in Academics.

I have 1 year plus experience in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. I have done several internships, completed 30 plus online certification courses and built lots of interesting projects, also won a few hackathons.

I did not stop here, I always had a passion in guiding and teaching others. I have mentored for 6 weeks in Deep Learning Research Project guiding 2 teams with students from all across India. I am also a Machine Learning Mentor at Yay : Celebrating Education, a private firm by GirlScript Foundation, where I conduct live sessions to teach thousands of students across the nation.

I am also an undergrad Teaching Assistant of the core course AI and ML at my university. I help my fellow undergrads in this field, solving their queries etc. I also prepare the lab assignments to be solved by them. Conducting live sessions and discussing important strategies with those awesome intuitions behind the model construction is what I love the most.

I have been practising Machine Learning Consulting at Coffee Hours Club where I take up private sessions with clients interested to have career transition into the field of Data Science.

I have successfully mentored more than 5 hackathons. Judging the projects and providing constructive feedbacks to the hackathon participants is the best feeling as through this we as mentors make an impact.

Apart from technical skills I have showcased excellent leadership skills and have received heavy appreciation by lots of communities.

I was elected the President at Computer Society of India, Student Chapter at my University. I led a team of 20 people and we conducted lots of informative sessions to increase the awareness in technical fields.

I am currently the Country Manager at Script Foundation. We have a very big team and I have been a part of the organizing team to conduct International level Hackathons, Bootcamps, conferences, podcasts etc.

I love community building 💙.

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Country Manager

Script Foundation


Computer Society of India

Lead Organizer

Hack The Bond


Coffee Hours Club

Community Manager


Student Research Mentor

Technical Content Writer

Analytics Vidhya

Teaching Assistant

Bennett University

Machine Learning Mentor

Yay : GirlScript Foundation

Ascend Select Member

Harward Business Review

Campus Fellow




Organizer and Mentor

Hack In India,2020

Hackathon Mentor and Judge

Def Hacks,2020

Hackathon Mentor

Garuda Hacks, 2020

Hackathon Mentor

Delhi Hacks, 2020

Hackathon Mentor

Hack Against Covid, codezoned

Hackathon Mentor

Hobby Hacks, TechTogether

Hackathon Mentor


Machine Learning Intern

Internity Foundation

Community Lead


Campus Hustler


Individual Contributor

Google Crowdsource

Campus SuperHero

Coding Blocks

Campus Hero

GirlScript Foundation

Campus Leader

Nanban Tech Ventures

Campus Ambassador

E-Cell, IIT Bombay

Campus POC

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